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silenced city

In a Silenced City

the lady in the deep red cloak

leaves herself – finally –

beaten, bloody and naked in the street.


Her bare but steady feet

trace tear-streaked footprints in the cobblestone

that has borne the weary journey

of those few before her who lived to tell.


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More Love Per Square Inch

One of my favorite childhood books was “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” with its rudimentary black and white sketches and the wonder it instilled in me….the Everlasting Gobstopper, oompa-loompas and, of course, the factory itself. But, the part of…

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Happy Foot

I passed on the right in the produce department today. She was in a motorized cart with a basket on the front and doing quite well against her list for so early in the morning, I might add. I…