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Small Town, Small Life

I have two words to say to the woman who, at our 30th High School Reunion, pulled me aside specifically to say “I can’t believe you, of all people, ended up in this small town with such a small…

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Everything and Nothing At All

I love the simplicity of children and their ability to cut through the bullshit. For years I have struggled with both depression and anxiety; one or the other depending upon my specific life circumstances. I could never quite find…

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My Own Silence Offends Me

My friend is a racist. A blatant, outspoken, over-the-top racist. And the list of infractions is long. But, I haven’t called him out on any of it yet. So far, I have simply observed while he makes sweeping statements…

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Gentle Men

Gentle men are like unicorns. Elusive. Solitary. Almost impossible to find. A gentle man listens carefully but has an opinion of his own. He nudges the status quo and encourages his partner to do the same. He is considerate…

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Walking With No Feet

While sitting with some wonderful people and talking about relationships a beautiful young woman next to me tearfully wailed “how am I supposed to walk if I have no feet?” This powerful statement was in reference to the gaps…

Looking for the Lighthouse
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The Parent Trap

I write about difficult things all of the time. And I’m told by many that, while my experience is entirely different than theirs, the fact that I fearlessly share my struggle with such honesty is helpful. So, I am…

Bandages Quote

The Bandages are made of Shadows You and I both know, the dark doesn’t make the bruises disappear. It just makes them harder to see. ~ Author Unknown in pleasefindthis…


Loosening the Corset

I have been learning how to loosen my own corset; not so easy when it took an army to cinch that motherfucker so tight in the first place. But, bind by bind, it’s coming undone. Like the corset laces…