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Yesterday I stood and spoke in a room that swallowed my voice. Not in the “I am going to snuff you” way to which I have become so accustomed in this life. But rather in a way that felt…

I write
strength writing

I Write

I write because my work day is devoid of anything that resembles me. It is filled with crabby backward things and people chasing someone else’s bottom line. It smells of sulphur. With no time to pee. It’s ugly. And…

hope priorities


I’m a 48 year old woman who hasn’t yet experienced true partnership. And I don’t just want true partnership; my entire being aches for it. Like a pregnant body or a heart with nowhere to send its cargo, things…

Little Fingers
family priorities

Little Fingers

  What were they looking for, these little fingers? They clung to my sweater. To my pant leg. To my bra strap. They wound themselves endlessly into my long curly hair. The found their way into my mouth when…

balance writing


I am supposed to be writing the piece for my audition but my brain doesn’t want me to write it just yet. And so I meander. If you are a writer, you will likely understand. I write a little…

forgiveness healing letting go perspective

Memory Lane

There is a before and an after. I have always suspected as much but it was David Bowie’s death and revisiting his music these last couple of weeks that made this crystal clear. Just one more gift that he…

priorities thriving

Small Town, Small Life

I have two words to say to the woman who, at our 30th High School Reunion, pulled me aside specifically to say “I can’t believe you, of all people, ended up in this small town with such a small…

healing perspective

Everything and Nothing At All

I love the simplicity of children and their ability to cut through the bullshit. For years I have struggled with both depression and anxiety; one or the other depending upon my specific life circumstances. I could never quite find…