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My Daughter and Her Nipples

This is my daughter; and those are her nipples.

In fairness, let me give you a minute to process that.

Yup. My daughter.

Yup. Her nipples.

I’ll just wait here quietly while you rant, drool, hurl, or whatever other judging and/or inappropriate response you wish to express.

Still holding.

Okay. Finished now? Because time’s up. Let’s get real.

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I Write

I write because my work day is devoid of anything that resembles me. It is filled with crabby backward things and people chasing someone else’s bottom line. It smells of sulphur. With no time to pee. It’s ugly. And…


Loosening the Corset

I have been learning how to loosen my own corset; not so easy when it took an army to cinch that motherfucker so tight in the first place. But, bind by bind, it’s coming undone. Like the corset laces…

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Cornfields and Character

It is unprecedented to have a fast pitch softball team remain intact for six years. Unprecedented. But, for every summer weekend for these last six years we have met in remote places like Hamburg, Saugerties, Cheektowaga, Cicero and Horseheads…

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De facto

de facto – adverb, adjective. actually existing, especially when without lawful authority I am this; the de facto expert that I never wanted to be. Last week, three women sought my help. I’m not really sure why. I don’t…

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Guerrilla Healing

Two weeks ago something terrible happened in my life. Two things in fact. On the same day. That’s all you really need to know. What I want to write about is why those things happened and what I have…

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Sweet Nothings

What am I supposed to do when Ed comes to dinner? I showed him the door already, TWICE.  But he’s back again. The first time we met I was barely 18. He must have noticed that I needed a…

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Adirondack Sky

Last evening I fell asleep in an Adirondack chair listening to the sounds of Sixth Lake. It’s a frigid early Fall already here but that was of little consequence.  I was happy to shiver, a small price for this…