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Tricky Vines

Tricky vines

They grab, poke and tangle, these tricky vines; wound around essential organs ~ like the heart ~ with a chokehold.

They aren’t like the luggage that is just too weighty.

The luggage that you can simply put down.

Or even like the chattels you once cherished that you can gently kiss goodbye and set free like a paper boat on the reservoir at sunset.

You see, these tricky vines need you rather than the other way around. And they cling for their life to you just as you must rid yourself of them to claim your own.Letting Go

I suppose that once you see them this way ~ with love and compassion ~ and acknowledge that they, too, are frightened creatures just trying to survive you can begin to find a way to co-exist and negotiate a safe journey together or acknowledge that one of you must relinquish lovingly to allow the other to go forward.

Which will it be?

In the end, it isn’t a battleground as much as a dance.

And this is where the beauty of letting go begins.

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Memory Lane

There is a before and an after. I have always suspected as much but it was David Bowie’s death and revisiting his music these last couple of weeks that made this crystal clear. Just one more gift that he…

Looking for the Lighthouse
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The Parent Trap

I write about difficult things all of the time. And I’m told by many that, while my experience is entirely different than theirs, the fact that I fearlessly share my struggle with such honesty is helpful. So, I am…

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For a great many years, I have played a mean game of musical chairs at work. We have acquired big companies resulting in duplication and layoffs. We have spun off parts of the business resulting in workforce reduction. We…

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Not a Word

They were lovely. The letters, that is. Actually, more so the words themselves. Or perhaps what lived inside of those words which was truth. Those words and their precious cargo arrived at first with trepidation in short staccato sentences.…

Hudson River
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The Last Train Out

I spent the weekend revisiting the City that I tried to make my 2nd Home. This time I visited it alone. Yes, my flip flops were in the corner of his apartment on Dorchester in Brooklyn, and my satin…

Once Upon a Time
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Taping the Box

I have done a lot of difficult things in my day. And I have survived plenty of unspeakable circumstances. So one would think that a simple task like taping a box would be easy. Not so. I packed the…