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The Gutter Guy
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The Gutter Guy

Hope walked through my door yesterday in white painter’s shorts splotched with color and anchored with earth. He was covered in ruddy leaves and muck and wearing work boots worn through the soles. His gray hair told me history…

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More than enough

Sometimes, I feel helpless. I wonder how I am doing as a Mom. My divorce is beyond hostile and I have so little financial means. I often feel as if I am failing my children somehow. I know that…

Four Leaf Clover
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“Send my hero my love”

Like most everything else thrown her way my daughter, Mackenzie, has handled the news of Ed’s death with wisdom and acceptance beyond her young years.  While she misses him terribly she also knows that this happened with purpose and…

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My First Breath ~ Again

  There is one universal thing that we all do as our first act in this world.  Breathe.  Some of us come to it naturally as if we have waited lifetimes in the womb to fill our lungs with…

She Called To Me
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She Called to Me

Trees are something more to me. The weeping willow that held court for my dolls at age three. The white birch in mom’s front yard too lazy to hold its bark and too apathetic to betray my summer secrets.…

alley in gottico
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2,040 Days to Simmer

In 2011, I lost one of the best friends I have ever had. She made me laugh until I hurt. I lost her because I told her that her life was within her own control and pointed out that…

web site photo - bakery in Sant Cugat
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Everything is Different

I arrived today, jetlagged and nervous, in Barcelona, Spain. I had no idea what to expect regarding customs or culture, and I do not speak a words of Spanish. It feels different. It looks different. It smells different. Everything…

Silenced City
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silenced city

In a Silenced City the lady in the deep red cloak leaves herself – finally – beaten, bloody and naked in the street.   Her bare but steady feet trace tear-streaked footprints in the cobblestone that has borne the…