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Simply Women

The women who fortify me gather ‘round like a virtual pashmina ~ never at the same time yet always ~ and they whisper their support through the years as a strong wind at my back pushing me forward and…

gratitude healing

Heartbreaking Grace

While I have always known Lori to be one of the most genuine and loving people that I have had the pleasure of knowing, I had no earthly idea how much so until this week. In the aftermath of…

The Lake.
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Let’s take her to the Lake…

True girlfriends can’t always be there when you need them. Sometimes they don’t even know that you do. But, the very second that they either suspect or realize that you are in trouble they step in with an earnest…

Olfactory Day
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Olfactory Day in Review

Tide and bounce on my pillow case smell of morning and night at the same time. Tugging somehow to pull me both in and out of the day. In won. Coffee beans. Banished before. Necessary now. Three weeks of…

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The Pathology of Perfect

I believe in energy and the connectedness of things. I’m not a fatalist, but I do believe that sometimes – for very good reasons – we get similar messages about the very same things from multiple places and we…

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The Limitations of Language

Last week I was sitting in a conference room eating lunch between sessions during a management meeting.  Two people across from me were having a discussion in Spanish.  At the end of the table, two more in German.  Beside…

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Roots and Branches

I think in pictures.  I always have.  To the point that it becomes difficult at times to actually explain in words what I am ‘seeing’.  I had this experience at work yesterday as I was trying to explain my…

Silenced City
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silenced city

In a Silenced City the lady in the deep red cloak leaves herself – finally – beaten, bloody and naked in the street.   Her bare but steady feet trace tear-streaked footprints in the cobblestone that has borne the…