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More than enough

Sometimes, I feel helpless. I wonder how I am doing as a Mom. My divorce is beyond hostile and I have so little financial means. I often feel as if I am failing my children somehow. I know that…

Three Strikes
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3 Strikes (But Never More Than 3)

I had the pleasure of witnessing an everyday miracle this week. I just never realized the immense beauty of it until I was the ‘watcher’ rather than the ‘doer’. This craft requires fortitude of a different nature than most…

ginger root, chives, asparagus, blackberries, and dragon fruit.
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Gingerroot and Dragon Fruit

Sometimes I don’t have money for food. There. I said it. Society says I should be embarrassed by this and, the truth is, I am. I’m “supposed” to be getting ahead. And I’m “supposed” to have a huge nest…

Aidan's Footprints (2)
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Wee Hours

There were certain days when I didn’t want to wake you. I just wanted coffee for a few minutes longer. You were hard to put to sleep in the first place and would begrudgingly greet the sandman only if…

bobby pins (modified for blog)

Bobby Pins and Cinnamon

There’s a strange kind of joy that comes with bobby pins and cinnamon…the first things for which my children asked on this particular morning. One to pin their hair back so that despised stray curl would not obstruct their…

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My First Breath ~ Again

  There is one universal thing that we all do as our first act in this world.  Breathe.  Some of us come to it naturally as if we have waited lifetimes in the womb to fill our lungs with…

She Called To Me
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She Called to Me

Trees are something more to me. The weeping willow that held court for my dolls at age three. The white birch in mom’s front yard too lazy to hold its bark and too apathetic to betray my summer secrets.…


I Don’t Want It

I couldn’t talk the day I was born. But, if I could, I would have said “I don’t want it.” Truth be told, even though my mother was in charge, she didn’t want me to have it either. The…