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Taking Flight

Tattooing is spiritual. Sometimes representing a transformation in our lives or an acknowledgment of our connectedness. I have only one tattoo but it is vital to me. I recently placed it on my left rib cage near my heart…

Southern Oregon University
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The Beauty of Ashland

I do not know how to describe this place to honor it properly. Or how to ever repay it for the kindness and healing it has shown me. But, I will do my best with my simple words so…

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Not a Word

They were lovely. The letters, that is. Actually, more so the words themselves. Or perhaps what lived inside of those words which was truth. Those words and their precious cargo arrived at first with trepidation in short staccato sentences.…

Two Realities
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“I can’t make those two realities – what I’ve lost and what I’ve found – fit together in some tidy pattern of divine causality.  I just have to hold them on the one hand and on the other, just…

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De facto

de facto – adverb, adjective. actually existing, especially when without lawful authority I am this; the de facto expert that I never wanted to be. Last week, three women sought my help. I’m not really sure why. I don’t…

Hudson River
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The Last Train Out

I spent the weekend revisiting the City that I tried to make my 2nd Home. This time I visited it alone. Yes, my flip flops were in the corner of his apartment on Dorchester in Brooklyn, and my satin…

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Guerrilla Healing

Two weeks ago something terrible happened in my life. Two things in fact. On the same day. That’s all you really need to know. What I want to write about is why those things happened and what I have…

Blue Sky
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Too Ugly to Heal

After posting a series of stories about Domestic Violence survivors last year, I was approached by several people to compile them into a book. I was hesitant because my personal experience is that we, as survivors, don’t really matter.…