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2,040 Days to Simmer

In 2011, I lost one of the best friends I have ever had. She made me laugh until I hurt. I lost her because I told her that her life was within her own control and pointed out that…

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The Pathology of Perfect

I believe in energy and the connectedness of things. I’m not a fatalist, but I do believe that sometimes – for very good reasons – we get similar messages about the very same things from multiple places and we…

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There is one less often used meaning of the prefix “super” and that is “exceedingly.” Most often we think of this as meaning “above and beyond” or “higher than expected”. But, it can also mean exceedingly. Given this, I…



“The loss of the sense of safety is impossible to imagine when you still possess it, and nearly impossible to regain once you have lost it. The sense of safety is not at all like the other senses –…

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Happy Foot

I passed on the right in the produce department today. She was in a motorized cart with a basket on the front and doing quite well against her list for so early in the morning, I might add. I…